Parties & Pricing

Select a wine tasting based on a region, theme or price-range, and, relaxing with your guests, explore a selection of wines with a professional sommelier who has a special passion for the best from Nova Scotia's wine-makers. Treat your guests to a special evening, or split the costs among you.



NEW! Wine & Chocolate: Delicious and daring wine and chocolate combinations, with a professional chocolatier.

The Classic: Terroir-driven tasting of wine from the old world (Europe).

The Neighbourhood: For locavores! The all-Nova Scotian wine tasting.

The DominionOh, Canada produces a surprising range of wine styles.

The Modern LoverDiscover the new world for yourself in a tasting from the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

The Pogey PackStudents, artists, good Nova Scotians hark! Affordable bottles from the lower shelves of the NSLC.

The SophistiquéeBut dahling, you simply must know about these fabulous wines.

The Vine-Hugger: Organic, biodynamic, sustainably- and co-operatively-produced wine.

The Horizontal Taster: How does a grape change its flavour profile when grown and made into wine in different places?


PRICING = Unwined's fee + cost of wine

Unwined's fee:
1st dozen people   $225
13-24 people         $275
25-36 people         $375
37-48 people         $425

Cost of wine depends on the theme chosen. See below.

Wine & Chocolate party fee:
up to 19 people     $400
20-39 people         $550
40+ people            $800


Download pdf documents for printing at the bottom of this page.

NEW! Wine & Chocolate $95-125 (cost of wine per dozen people)
It don't get sweeter than this: wine and chocolate, a tasting party for the unapologetically indulgent, a flavour event for the recklessly curious.** Evelyn Staples, former owner of Criollo Chocolates, and Unwined are teaming up to engage your senses and jump-start your creativity, featuring a simple yet sophisticated sampling of chocolate and wine. Evelyn and Moira will lead you though the basics in evaluating chocolate and wine, and then ask you to put pairing theory to work in coming up with delicious and daring wine and chocolate combinations for you to bring to your next holiday event, house party or office function. Who knew a nibble and a sip could be this delightful?

The Classic$190 (cost of wine for 6-12 people) / $380 (cost of wine for 13-24 people)
Get in touch with terroir. Although the first winemaking can traced back nearly 7,000 years to the Neolithic period, wine as we know and appreciate it comes from the "old world": France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Portugal. This selection, drawn from a spectrum of traditional European wine regions, demonstrates how wine is meant to reflect the earth–soil, climate, geology and geography–from which it is produced.

The Neighbourhood$175 / $350
For the locavore! Chosen from Nova Scotia's 14 wineries, eight bottles highlight the unique strengths of our vineyards and wine-makers, showing off the impressive variety, high quality and affordability of Nova Scotian wine.*
*Icewine is a Nova Scotian delicacy. Enquire about including icewine in your Neighbourhood package. Additional costs apply.

The Dominion: $185 / $370
A federal bill is working to relax the ban on transporting wine between provinces and territories. Celebrate this leg-up for small wineries across the country, and explore Canada's diverse climate and geography, reflected in the wide range of its wines–from the lightest sparklers to the deepest, darkest reds.
Small wineries in Canada have suffered from lack of exposure to a national market. 10% of profits from this party will be donated to The Dominion Newspaper Co-operative, a media network dedicated to exploring and exposing underreported grassroots stories across the country.

The Modern Lover$185 / $370
In with the new! The palate of "new world" wine drinkers has forever changed the global wine industry, and winemakers in the new world–the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa–have been bending (and breaking!) "rules" about wine ever since. Discover the new world's rich, and increasingly sophisticated, contributions to wine in this celebration that includes the best bottles from our own backyard.

The Pogey Pack$125 / $250
Wine-loving is not a snob affair! All bottles $18 and under, all found in the NSLC. This package is for the stressed-out student, the blissed-out artist, the penny-pinching Nova Scotian. A variety of styles from a variety of traditional wine regions.

The Sophistiquée$325 / $650
Pinot noir is out; riesling is in: this is the wine tasting for wine snobs. (You know who you are.) The best wine from the best regions, plus high-value understated gems that not even Robert Parker has discovered. Eight bottles you simply must know about. (PS: Pinot noir is never out. But you know that, of course.)

The Vine-Hugger: $185 / $370
Traditional wine-making is a simple reflection of climate and soil; traditionally, wine-makers grew their vines and made their wine sustainably, working in co-operatives. Many embraced biodynamic methods, developing an intimate relationship to compost, the phases of the moon, and the particular placement of rams horns and crushed quartz buried around the vineyard. This selection celebrates wine made from organically grown grapes, and organically, co-operatively produced and biodynamic wine. You be the judge: does a healthy environment produce better wine?
Wine-makers in eastern France were the first people to identify climate change, as wine made from their hundred-year-old vines began to slowly but surely change in character. 10% of profits from this party will be donated to the local chapter of PowerShift, a youth-driven climate justice organization.

The Horizontal Taster: $185 / $370
Chardonnay from France will not taste the same as a chardonnay from the Gaspereau Valley. Learn how the flavour profile of one or two grapes can be radically different, depending on climate and wine-making style.

All themes include eight different wines (unless otherwise indicated), palate cleansers (bread/crackers) and locally-made, fair trade organic chocolate and tasting notes for each guest to take home. Packages correspond to the equivalent of at least three full (6-oz) glasses of wine per guest. Cheese platters for 12 people are available for an additional $40. Wine costs are approximate and depend on its availability and price. To confirm a party, Unwined must receive a deposit of 25% of the total cost of the party. Enquire about customizing your own theme, or accommodating smaller or larger numbers than listed.


Book Your Party!

'Unwined' with friends or colleagues:

  • retirement parties
  • university department celebrations
  • staff parties
  • client appreciation events
  • bachelor/ette parties
  • mixers & receptions
  • workshops
  • local food/wine showcases
  • dinner parties

Unwined will provide:

  • set-up of tasting one half-hour before start time of tasting party
  • glassware
  • tasting sheets for guests to keep
  • pencils/clipboards for guests to take notes
  • palate cleansers (bread/crackers)
  • cheese plate (if requested)
  • chocolate
  • two-hour tasting party with certified sommelier
  • clean-up of tasting (glassware, spit-cups, extra tasting sheets, writing utensils, etc)

Suggestions for a successful tasting party

  • ensure enough space for all guests to comfortably participate
  • ensure enough lighting to observe colour, clarity and carbonation of wine
  • ask guests to arrive a half-hour early to visit and mingle, and indicate that the tasting party will begin at the specified time
  • provide water for guests
  • provide snacks for a mid-party break in another room or another part of the room so guests can move around (Unwined can provide local cheese platters for a fee)
  • greet guests with a "reception" wine taster (Unwined can arrange this)
  • relax, let your senses and your imagination do the work, and have fun!

Download a contract to book a party with Unwined.

Download Unwined's Party Themes & Pricing document.

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