Margaree Wine Workshops - August 2015

Dear Cape Breton family and friends,

I'm writing because I'd like to organize a pair of wine workshops next week in Margaree (and environs).

I lead private wine tasting parties in Halifax, and I'd like to run a couple in or around Margaree that are similar in their goal--learning the basics of wine evaluation and exploring our senses through wine. But rather than one-off events for strangers, I'd like to try some workshops in cool places with people from home.

Wine Workshop #1:
An exploration of classic wine styles from important regions around the world. There are reasons the French and Italians lead the world in wine production -- both in volume and in esteem. But there are also classic New Zealand and Australian wines you ought to know, as well as established styles in our own back yard.

Wine Workshop #2:
A foray into hot new trends in wine, both European and New World. As much as wine is rooted in tradition, it is also riding the wave of technology, and bending and breaking rules (and making new ones) to produce better and more interesting wine from even the most marginal places on Earth. Yes, they're even growing grapes in Newfoundland (though I haven't tried the wine yet). Move over Malbec and Pinot Grigio, this is a taste of wines on the cutting edge.

The second workshop will, inevitably and in some ways, build off the the first, but each workshop will also be independently enjoyable. In other words, I'm not asking for commitment to both, but there are benefits to taking them as a pair.

I've spent much of the summer traveling around the Maritimes doing research for a book on the region's wine, so naturally I've been collecting wines from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI. Some of those wines will pop up in the workshops.

I propose 7pm the evenings of August 10 and 13. If you are thinking, gosh, I just can't do week-day evenings but I'd totally be up for a Sunday afternoon, let me know, in case others feel the same way and I'm able to change dates around.

Where will this wine wisdom be shared, you ask? That will depend on demand--I'd love to do one on the beach if weather permits or I might ask my folks if I can have their deck for an evening. Or, it could be a location you propose--your living room, a church hall, on picnic blankets on the grounds of the old school?

What exactly do you get out of this?
per workshop:

  • a 2-hour wine education
  • a taste of 8 different wines
  • the equivalent of about 3 full glasses of wine
  • glasses, spit cups (I know), palate cleansers (bread/crackers), tasting sheets
  • tricks to navigate the wine store and impress your friends

Cost: $40 per workshop, $75 if you reserve for both

Unless something crazy happens, workshops will be capped at 12 people. I will take a wait list; cancellations require 48 hours notice, pretty please.

Do you have wine friends in the area? Pass this around! I'm also available to do wine sessions for restaurant staff August 10-13 inclusive.
902-719-5104 (my cell, so only working until Aug 7 when I'm in CB/outta Bell range)
902-248-2211 (my folks' landline in Margaree)


5685 Bloomfield St, Halifax, NS B3K 1T