Summer’s never too hot for reds

Barbecue-fabulous wines start with ‘the people’s wine,’ Italy’s tasty Barbera

Glass Act: August 1 2014

Wine columns irritate me. Call me a brat, but I rarely feel like reading some expert’s advice about which bottle of wine to like and how to have fun with my friends while drinking it. And I’ll bet you don’t either.

I do believe there are several ways to talk about wine that are helpful and engaging, which in this column I will attempt to address:

Wine & Cheese Bored

Rules make life boring. Rules about wine make me angry because nothing associated with wine should make life boring.

Big Brook Wine & Dine

Over the past few months, my brother Coady and I have been plotting a food event to showcase the riches produced by the land and the people around us. This coming Friday, May 9, we are hosting a tasting dinner at our parents' home in Northeast Margaree, Cape Breton.

Growing Grapes in Cape Breton

Reflections of a virgin vinyard worker

This past June, I was hired to consult for a high school friend who had just bought a vineyard in Cape Breton and wanted to build a winery on the estate. I'd never worked on a vineyard before, but by July I was hooked and became a full-time vineyard worker. I kept a record of activities and my impressions of the place and the work; below is a collection of excerpts from my first months at Eileanan Brèagha Vineyards.

Flute or Coupe: Does glass shape affect the way we enjoy wine?

Benjamin Bridge, a winery in the Gaspereau Valley that is perhaps most widely known for its Nova 7, released three new traditional method sparkling wines earlier this month. These wines are in high demand among aficionados; the 2007 Brut Reserve ($74.50/bottle) sold out already. BB is trying to lead more Nova Scotians to appreciate its product with the release of the 2009 Brut at the relatively affordable price of $45/bottle; for those with a sparkling day fund the winery also relased its 2004 Blanc de Blancs ($280/bottle).

Pairing Wine with Moose Meat

Unwined with a seasonal ingredient: take food-and-wine pairing theory into practice

Pairing Wine with Chanterelles

Unwined with a seasonal ingredient: take food-and-wine pairing theory into practice.

Theory: Weight

Red, White and You: A nocturnal experiment

Can you tell the difference between red and white wine?

Of course you can. One comes from inside the fridge, the other from the cupboard above the fridge. But what if you didn't have those temperature cues? And what if you couldn't see the colour of your wine?

Letting Earth Speak

Nova Scotian wine reveals its source, and its competitive edge, in a climatically-changing world

In the midst of a national wine event that is less about wine and more about its stewards, the competitors, judges, volunteers and fans of Canada's Best Sommelier Competition, held in Halifax this week, were offered the rare opportunity to judge Nova Scotian wine against the best in the world.

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