Taste more. Connect more. Enjoy more.

I want to show people that wine is not necessarily about hobnobbing or being an aficionado or having a lot of money, but rather something anyone can do: expanding and deepening our capacities to taste, to experience, to enjoy.

Appreciating and enjoying wine is something personal; it's about finding a connection to its taste and its source. As Nova Scotians, our natural connection to home–the ocean, the highlands, the valleys–becomes more intimate when we sense those familiar aspects of geography through the food we eat, and the wine we drink. It is perhaps no surprise, then, that Nova Scotian wine is celebrated for its bright, briny and beautifully aromatic qualities.

But for the average person, there are several obstacles to the world of wine. Unpronounceable labels, intimidating descriptions, "rules" about what wine to drink with what meal and at what time of day, high price tags, a relatively young local industry–these are reasons so many Nova Scotians skip the NSLC's wine racks and make a beeline for a reliable pint of Captain Morgan or a six-pack of Keith's.

Unwined brings wine (back) down to earth.

Learn the difference between merlot and Bordeaux (and that sometimes they are the same thing), what the connoisseurs mean by "tight," "dirty" and "fruity," and why Nova Scotia is producing some of the best sparkling wines in the world. Using only your own senses, learn the basics of evaluating wine, tasting a variety that you might not try on your own, developing tricks for navigating the wine store, and discovering more about what you like.



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Moira's Certification & Activities

  • 2007 Captain Sommelier certification (Sommelier Society of America)
  • 2013-present: in pursuit of Sommelier certification (Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers–Atlantic Chapter)
  • member, Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers–Atlantic Chapter
  • judge, 2012 Atlantic Canadian Wine Awards
  • volunteer, 2012 Best Canadian Sommelier Competition
  • current Food Handler's certification (Nova Scotia Department of Health)
  • current Emergency First Aid certification (Saint John's Ambulance)





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